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Acta Mechatronica

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Acta Mechatronica
  • Welcome to the website of the scientific journal Acta Mechatronica, which is published by © 4S go, Ltd. company.
  • The journal focuses on the fields of mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electronic control and systems thinking in the design of products and manufacturing processes, education in the field of mechatronics.
  • The aim of the journal is to provide academic articles from the fields of mechatronics, of precision mechanical engineering, electronic control, system thinking, applied mechanics, experimental mechanics, education, science and research, which are available to the general public and those with an interest in mechatronics including students, academics and industry practitioners. The articles offer insightful solutions to specific problems from the field of mechatronics and applied mechanics. The journal also promotes and provides the opportunity for young scientists and educators to publish original research with the objective of establishing themselves as future experts in the field and acting as a driving force of the economy and society.
  • The emergence and establishment of the journal is a direct result of the European market requirement for a specialised non-commercial oriented journal. Acta Mechatronica (AM) - International Scientific Journal about Mechatronics is one of the few non-commercial journals with a focus on mechatronics not only in Central Europe. The creators intend that the journal will interest and attract not only experts from the field but also anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of mechatronics, research and education in this field and area.

ISSN 2453-7306
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